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Successful companies understand that partnering is more than a convenience; it’s a successful strategy. Genesys | Echopass works with a variety of partners to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients by providing market-differentiated offers through our EchoPlace program.

Partnering Provides Client Innovations
Partnering provides access to additional capabilities and competencies that are essential in delivering the most comprehensive solutions to meet complex enterprise requirements.

Wide Diversity of EchoPlace Solutions
EchoPlace is home to three categories of Genesys | Echopass partners: Integrated Solution Partners, End-to-End Solution Partners, and Business and Consulting Services Partners, to satisfy the needs of a broad market.

Certified and Integrated Solutions
The cloud-based contact center market is rapidly growing and offering greater innovation and solutions than ever before. Having certified partners with pre-integrated solutions ensures rapid, high quality implementations.

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"Verint and Echopass have partnered to provide integrated solutions to customers both on premise and as part of an end-to-end hosted solution.  We think having the choice of a variety of flexible models is fantastic for our combined customers."

Ryan Hollenbeck
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Verint Witness Actionable Solutions